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Creating Wave Rider with Michele Corty

All new Rue is here! Our new bridal collection – Wave Rider is available now. This boho-bridal collection celebrates the wonderlust and adventurous outdoor spirit of our Rue brides. We sit down with Michele Corty to find out more about the collection.

1. Tell us about the collection Wave Rider?
What’s the inspiration?
Wave Rider, like every collection, starts with a journey and creates a unique narrative inspired by waves crashing into our shores and the nature that surrounds us. When our path brought us to New Zealand, I was immediately connected to the landscape and when I found myself in front of the ocean, I knew I was home.

Home does not have to possess four walls or a door. It can be sunset at your favourite lake or a walk through bountiful mountainscapes. This collection is a story collected from the great outdoors and is inspired directly from our backyard. The crashing waves are my calm, and the sound of the water reminds me to stop and take our surroundings in. I want to share this love story with our brides as they create their journey into one of many beautiful adventures ahead.

2. What makes Rue De Seine Bridal so different?

Every season we strive to push ourselves and the industry standards for our brides. Every Rue De Seine gown is made in our New Zealand studio by one person from start to finish; this is a big deal for us. Every gown is cut by hand, one by one; this is a big deal to us. Every fabric on our gowns was created by our team for our Rue De Seine brides; this is a huge deal to us.
Our brides are unique, why should they wear something that is not?
Every gown that leaves this studio is made with heart by a team that cares every step of the way; I think this is very special!

3. What inspires you?

Our brides. They are a constant inspiration to me and a reminder of why I love what I do. RUE brides dance to the beat of their drum and look for gowns that fit their unique personalities. This season, I want to celebrate our adventurous brides who dive, trek, and marvel through life. You are all incredible and the heart behind the RUE brand.

4. What's the definition of a perfect bohemian-styled wedding according to you?
Bohemian style to me is any style that is slightly unconventional and embraces the free spirit of our brides. I have seen Rue De Seine brides portray this through exotic locations, wild florals, and of course their gown choice.

5. What is the best way to find the perfect boho-styled wedding dress?
When looking for the perfect gown, try on the unexpected. It will be love or hate, but at least you can tick off those styles that are constantly popping up in your Instagram feed.

6. What is the hardest part of creating wedding dresses?
The hardest part of creating a wedding dress is learning when to stop. I enjoy the process so much, that I never want to do anything else.

7. What about wedding accessories? Which ones are must-haves?
We love statement jewellery worn with our gowns and lots of layering. The majority of our shoots are styled with eclectic earrings or a bold necklace. We have also seen a few of our brides rock a hat on their wedding day!

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