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Rue Worldwide Sale Event Q&A with Emily

Rue De Seine worldwide Sale Event coming soon! One weekend only on 3rd - 5th December 2021. We sit down with Emily, our Sales Manager to find out more about the Sale Event. Keep reading to find out more! We would love to help you on your adventure to find your dream dress.

What is your role at Rue De Seine?

In my 6 years with Rue, I have worn many hats (literally and figuratively)! My current role is as our Sales Manager, which allows me the privilege to connect with our brides & our incredible Retailers worldwide on a daily basis. Whether it’s connecting a bride to their local store to try on their dream gown, providing Virtual Consultations to those unable to visit our Retailers in person, or providing product knowledge training and support for our Retailers, my main goal is to provide everyone with all the information and support needed so everyone involved can have the best bridal appointment ever trying on & purchasing their dream Rue gown. Any day I can introduce our brides to the wonderful world of Rue is a great day!

What does a day in the office usually look like for you?
My first task of the day involves a visit to our coffee machine – black coffee & cappuccinos are always on deck! Next, I will go through my tasks at hand on the day, which may include the likes of:
1. Replying to our brides who have inquired through our website to book in for their Sale Event appointment, and reaching out to the store directly to book them in
Meeting with one of our Direct Order brides virtually to discuss their favourite Rue gown in detail – they think they’re ready to buy but want to show mom the gown via our Video Call and go through all the details of the order together before saying yes
Reviewing all the bride orders submitted by our stores, and confirming them in our Production schedule
Photographing one of our gowns on a mannequin with a few of our Add-on Sleeve options – one of our Retailers wants our opinion on our favourite options to recommend to their bride
Trying on some of our Wave Rider gowns personally for our Team Faves feature on Instagram! This gives me a great reference to make recommendations based on my own experience trying gowns on, too!

What’s your fav adventure with Rue to date?
My favourite adventure with Rue to date was in 2019, during which I was a Press Coordinator and assisted in planning and executing photoshoots with our team. We were shooting our Moonrise Canyon collection and had an EPIC 4-day shoot planned that would have us in a different state each day in my native USA. The trip was not short of excitement at every turn - getting the perfect sunset shot at Horseshoe Bend, enjoying the peace in our busy schedule in Antelope Canyon, and connecting with the spirit of the collection in the deserts of Nevada. Truly an experience I will never forget!!

We’re intrigued about this new sale event, can you tell us more?
Our Rue team is so excited to introduce our 1st ever Sale Event! Our Sale Event was inspired by the classic “Annual Sale” where you could enjoy a discount one weekend only at all locations. We felt the trunk shows of the past were often tricky scheduling for our brides – one weekend there was a show at one location, but not at their local store. With our Sale Event, you can shop the collection during the 3rd – 5th December with any of our Retailers, worldwide! But keep in mind that it's one weekend only, so don’t miss out!!

The best part of an event like this is the energy that it creates in-store – that feeling when you know you are among like-minded people and the support our amazing brides offer each other on the Salesfloor is unparalleled! From sharing styling tips to cheering each other on, our Rue family knows how to have a good time and show their big hearts to make the process so fun for everyone.

All of our Retailers have carefully curated a special sample selection of our Rue collection, including Classics and our newest Wave Rider collection, for their local bride. You can locate all your favourite styles to try on by visiting your favourite gown on our website here, and selecting “Find Your Nearest Store” to see the stores that carry your favourite gown. You can even send your top choices to your local store by these gowns to your Wishlist, which automatically sends through with your Sale Event inquiry!

As a thank, you from our team & Retailers, every bride who purchases during the Sale Event will receive 10% off their gown order AND a free Rue exclusive Denim Jacket (valued up to $400 USD). We love that you can own a little piece of Rue to rock after your wedding day, but bonus points if you find the perfect chance to re-wear your wedding dress after the wedding! (Ultimate festival outfit, anyone??)

You’ve been working and styling Rue girls for a while – what advice would you give brides to help them find their perfect gown?

The best advice I learned was while I was on the road a few years ago as a Brand Representative, working one on one with our North American brides in their local stores. With the number of choices available, making a decision can feel so daunting. It may feel like a good plan to focus on a certain kind of dress, like long-sleeved dresses, and try on every single long sleeve gown you find before you say yes. In my experience working with brides, sometimes more isn’t always better, and sometimes narrowing it down to one option can lead you to feel stuck when one particular gown hasn’t really given you “that feeling” of being the one. Keeping an open mind is certainly key!

During a fitting, a stylist once shared her approach – instead of focusing on silhouettes, fits, and design aspects so narrowly, try to identify how you would like to feel on your wedding day. Choose 3 adjectives that describe how you want to feel: maybe a little sexy, effortless, confident, easy-going, romantic, etcetera. When trying on gowns, think to yourself: Does this gown make me feel 1. 2. and 3.? If you wanted to feel confident for example, but you knew that you didn’t feel so comfortable with an ultra-low back gown – may be an option with a less revealing back neckline that would help you feel more secure, while still providing an open back look. You don’t have to make it work for the gown – the gown should work for you!

Does the gown tick all the boxes to help you feel your best on your day? If so, it could be the one!

Sun chaser, dream weaver or trailblazer, what’s your Rue Style and what are the must-haves for styling your perfect day?
I’ve always dreamt of a laid back evening with incredible food, an outrageous dance floor, and a stunning gown. An intimate guest list with our family, closest friends, and favourite party-starters with the evening revolved around the 3 D’s: dinner, drinks, and dancing and all the memories that come along with it.

I would love to choose two looks for my day: a romantic look for ceremony and fun with a hint of sexy for the reception. I love the idea of Kylo with Tide Sleeves or Maneesh for the ceremony – flowing, ethereal, and beautiful. For the reception, gowns like Kai or Cove are lighthearted but powerful – perfect for confidence on the dance floor.

We would spend the evening sipping a cocktail list curated by my expert mixologist brother-in-law, the perfect playlist mixed by my sister (the queen of the perfect playlist!), eating beautiful food that I try not to spill on my dress, and enjoying the moment together.


The Rue Sale event in December is a fun-filled weekend dedicated to our Rue De Seine collection.

Booking an appointment is an easy way to explore the new styles & fit! Our Retailers worldwide are excited to meet their local Rue brides and to help you find the Rue gown
that speaks to your soul & lets your heart sing.

There's no pressure to purchase during the sale, but if you find the one & feel ready to say "yes", you'll receive the exclusive Rue Sale offer - limited to the 3rd - 5th December weekend only!

Contact us and we will connect you with your nearest store to secure a spot.

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