Grab your tissues ladies… below is the story of Melissa & Jack

Jack is one very romantic man who is setting a pretty high standard among the unmarried ladies in the Rue De Seine HQ …

My Boyfriend Jack, and I, live in Vancouver, Canada. In June, we went on a 2-week vacation to Morocco and France.

Before we had our trip, Jack casually mentioned that we should elope later in the year. We had discussed getting married in the past but had never reached a conclusion on whether we would actually do it. He suggested I get a dress because that was the only thing that might take some time, and he would start looking into local venues. I found a beautiful Rue De Seine Dress at Union Bridal in Vancouver with the help of the shop owner, Emily. Jack and I agreed to not mention to anyone our elopement plans for later in the year.

In the seaside town of Essaouria, Morocco, Jack proposed while we watched the sunrise from our road’s rooftop. I excitedly text messaged our families back in Canada to announce our engagement.

2 days later, we were in Bordeaux, France, on a private wine tour. On the last stop of the wine tour, the winemaker suggested we go to the back patio of the vineyard to enjoy the views.

I rounded the corner to the patio, and was greeted by my family and Jack’s family, screaming and cheering and crying with champagne. Everyone was weeping and hugging me and I was totally shocked and confused! What was everyone doing there, in the middle of the French countryside? Jack revealed he had been wedding planning for months, and we were getting married on Sunday at a chateau.

Our Families had been staying at the chateau a week prior to our arrival. They had been drinking wine in the backyard together when I had text messaged to tell them about our engagement!

We spent 4 nights with our families at a 19th Century castle set in its own private grounds of 50acres with woodlands, lawns, and 10 acres of vineyard in the Entre-deux-Mers region of France. jack had arranged every detail for the wedding: my favourite flowers (white peonies, roses, and lilies with eucalyptus) done beautifully by Le Coeur Savage; an amazing wedding photographer, Anna Ambrosi, who flew from London to be part of our day; and make up artist and hair stylist, Laura Cawte; a private chef (Jack even got him to create a homemade custom ice cream for dessert based on my favourite flavours). My Mom had secretly snuck into our home in Vancouver and brought my wedding dress to France, and enlisted Emily from Union Bridal to help her pack the dress safely. I get dizzy thinking about all the minutia and ins and ours involved in this grand scheme; it was the greatest gift for jack and our families to take care of all the stresses involved in planning a wedding. We had 12 guests total, and each person (especially our moms) helped with the details to make our wedding incredibly special. One of the best things about everyone participating in this surprise was how bonded our families became during the trip.

Our wedding day was very relaxed; the guys played tennis while the women got ready. My aunt gave me a small antique charm to attach to my bouquet that my great grandmother had given her on her wedding day. Lots of champagne was enjoyed as we prepped for the ceremony. Our families gathered under a tree on the chateau grounds. Jack’s mom brought a chandelier to hang from the branches, the same chandelier that had hung at jacks brothers wedding. Jack and I had a glass of champagne together, by ourselves, inside the chateau. We then walked down the “aisle” to meet our families under the tree, with Leon Bridge’s “the river playing in the background. During our ceremony, we stood on a Moroccan wedding blanket we had purchased in Marrakech a few days earlier. My brother married us. We wrote our own vows. We did the ritual breaking the glass, followed by a communal, “Mazel Tov!” and then enjoyed hors d’oeuvres with champagne followed by an al fresco dinner on the terrace overlooking the vineyard. My favourite part of the evening was during dinner, when we went around the table and every guest gave an informal speech. It was intimate and very meaningful. Jack and I got to say thank you and express our gratitude to each person in a attendance. Everyone was crying throughout the meal, including our photographer! We danced and drank fine wine and celebrated late into the night.

I still can not believe my husband was able to pull off this epic surprise. We were engaged and married within 5 days, a magical whirlwind. He is the perfect partner to me in every way, and it was he perfect wedding for us.

All beautiful snaps were taken by the talented www.biancophotography.com

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    We wanted the Nomadic Love collection to embody the many landscapes, textures, and charming details you see when exploring this beautiful earth. From the bohemian loaded desert festivals in the U.S to the folk art in Eastern Europe, these gowns are a true representation of everything we love about the world!

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    Rue de Seine in St. Germain Des Pres is one of the most sought after streets in Paris and the vision behind our collection’s effortlessly romantic style.

    It was this very neighborhood which inspired Rue De Seine’s designer to create the label after living, working, and celebrating her own wedding on this beautiful Parisian street. The neighborhood is infamous for being the meeting place for artists and celebrities and is the inspiration to RUE DE SEINE’s bohemian style.

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