We are honored to share with you the stunning photographs from the wedding of Alex and Marcus.

Wearing the Rue De Seine Chapelle gown Alex looks perfect in every way, the bohemian inspired theme with splashes of Marcus’s Samoan culture has resulted in a seriously show stopping wedding!

Read on to get all the inside information on how Alex and Marcus created such a magical experience.


Photographed by http://www.danellebohane.com

How did you meet your fiancé?

I moved from Christchurch to Auckland at the end of 2008 for a social work job. I joined Les Mills Takapuna in my first two weeks in Auckland and I was booked in with a gym instructor for an introductory weights session. That good looking, kind instructor was Marcus, now my husband.

You wore RUE DE SEINE’s Chapelle Gown for your wedding day, was that the style you had in mind before you started looking?

I did a lot of research online about what style of gown i wanted for my wedding day. Once i decided i wanted a bohemian style dress i looked into which designers in Auckland made these gowns. I found a few and looked over their websites. I decided on Rue de Seine after looking at the gowns on the website and also looking at the real brides on the facebook page. I was certain i would find a gown that was perfect for me.

How did you pick…

I picked out four gowns to try on during my first appointment at Rue de Seine and i tried the Chapelle gown on second, I absolutely loved it instantly. Being the calculated person i am, i tried on all four dresses at the appointment. I then made a second appointment, so i had time to think about the Chapelle gown and to try it on again. I tried only that gown on in that appointment. It was perfect, it was my wedding dress!!

Your gorgeous wedding location?

Marcus and I got married at St Francis Church in Devonport and then we had our reception at McHugh’s on Cheltenham.

Your theme?

At the beginning of our wedding planning Marcus and i both put forward what we most wanted to see in our wedding day. I said bohemian elements and Marcus said his Samoan culture. From there i set out to create a beautiful wedding day which we both were proud of. I was able to include my beautiful Rue De Seine bohemian gown, wild and free flowers by On My Hand, my flower crown by Emma Walsh Design, our gorgeous hair and makeup by Beautified and our stunning unique cakes by The Caker. I was also able to include a Samoan design throughout the wedding stationary, bunting with Samoan words on, little chalk board table names with Samoan villages on, the boys wore Samoan lavalava’s and i managed to attempt a Samoan siva at the reception.

Who was your photographer?

Our photographer was Danelle Bohane. She is an insanely talented photographer and i had to have her our wedding day. I emailed her at least 6 times before she had even opened bookings for our wedding seasons. Every month leading up to her opening bookings, i would ask her to pencil me in, to double check to see if I was penciled in, to ask if i could book in early, to see if i paid her now could i book in. Not only is she so talented at photography, she is such a sweet girl.

Tell us about your bridesmaid dresses?

Our bridesmaid dresses were from JenJenHouse and were chosen because of their feminine style and the beautiful lilac color.

Looking back, what was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

As a sign of respect to Marcus and his culture i was to perform a Samoan siva at the reception. I had worried about this dance for the entire five years of our relationship. I ended up being so busy organizing the wedding i only had a couple of lessons from his lovely Aunty Vika. I remember walking into the reception venue, and Marcus lead me to the dance floor. My brother (our MC) had our guests pumped up for this big moment and i turned to Marcus with a look of terror on my face. After a few words of encouragement from my new husband i hit the dance floor. I truly respect Marcus and the culture he is, i was 100% proud i had managed to pull off some form of siva for him on his big day.

How would you describe your experience at RUE DE SEINE?

It was truly exciting and lovely from start to finish. From the moment i first contacted Rue De Seine through to meeting Michele and to taking my gown home, it was of the most enjoyable experiences of the whole wedding planning. My gown was absolutely perfect for me, i loved wearing it throughout our day and i am still obsessed with it now. I remember Michele telling me to really wear it on the day and not to worry about it getting dirty or hurt. That i did, i wore it in the heat during our wedding ceremony, i wore it in the wind during our family photos, i wore it in the torrential rain at the end of our location photos and i wore it with beach bark stuck throughout the beautiful lace on the train.

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    We wanted the Nomadic Love collection to embody the many landscapes, textures, and charming details you see when exploring this beautiful earth. From the bohemian loaded desert festivals in the U.S to the folk art in Eastern Europe, these gowns are a true representation of everything we love about the world!

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    Rue de Seine in St. Germain Des Pres is one of the most sought after streets in Paris and the vision behind our collection’s effortlessly romantic style.

    It was this very neighborhood which inspired Rue De Seine’s designer to create the label after living, working, and celebrating her own wedding on this beautiful Parisian street. The neighborhood is infamous for being the meeting place for artists and celebrities and is the inspiration to RUE DE SEINE’s bohemian style.

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