Gabrielle & Anthony

How did you meet your fiance?

We met on a late summers day in Regents Park London. Ant was playing frisby with a mutual friend and introduced himself not long after I arrived.

You wore RUE DE SEINE’s Madeleine Dress for your wedding day. Was that the style you had in mind before you started looking?

I don’t think anyone could imagine wearing a dress like the Madeleine dress until they had seen it. It was so unique and I loved it the moment I put it on.

How did you pick your gorgeous wedding location?

I am from Central Otago. It is a place very dear to my heart and a place that I want my own family to feel connected to. Lauderdale the venue was by far the most impressive venue we saw, simply because it had such a great sense of history and elegance without being fussy or overdone. The grounds spoke for themselves, we could have done nothing and it would have been an amazing place to get married.
The venue also gave us the option of building our wedding day from scratch which was quite unique. We had so many unbelievably generous friends and family that helped us to pull the day together. Our meat was all from dad’s farm, fresh water crayfish were caught from a local dam, and so many people were hands on involved in the lead up. Having all of these people celebrating with us on the day after all of the hard work was truly special and I don’t think we could have done it this way anywhere else.

Your theme?

We didn’t really have a theme. The venue spoke for itself so we kept it very simple. I suppose if anything we wanted to celebrate our location (particularly with the menu) and the locations we have been together (which we did with details in the decorating)

Who was your photographer?

Louise Hyatt – She comes highly recommended!

Tell us about your bridesmaid dresses?

I had 5 beautiful bridesmaids all wearing blue dipped dyed silk chiffon. My Mother patiently created all of these dresses without complaint. I chose possibly the most difficult fabric for her to sew with bridesmaids that lived in all parts of the world and were not available for fittings. She was sewing hems up until hours before the wedding! They all looked amazing.

Looking back, what was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

There were many memorable moments on our wedding day, I don’t think I could pin it down to 1 part. Holding my dear Ant’s hands and looking him in the eye as we spoke our vows in front of our children, family and friends was pretty special.

How would you describe your experience at RUE DE SEINE?

Amazing! Michele and Michael you were both so lovely and open and it was really a pleasure to come for my fittings. I always felt you were genuinely excited about our wedding day and you went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect. Thank you so much for everything.

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    We wanted the Nomadic Love collection to embody the many landscapes, textures, and charming details you see when exploring this beautiful earth. From the bohemian loaded desert festivals in the U.S to the folk art in Eastern Europe, these gowns are a true representation of everything we love about the world!

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    Rue de Seine in St. Germain Des Pres is one of the most sought after streets in Paris and the vision behind our collection’s effortlessly romantic style.

    It was this very neighborhood which inspired Rue De Seine’s designer to create the label after living, working, and celebrating her own wedding on this beautiful Parisian street. The neighborhood is infamous for being the meeting place for artists and celebrities and is the inspiration to RUE DE SEINE’s bohemian style.

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