How did you meet?

We met at uni, we were both studying design …. I vanished to go do floristry and he stuck at his furniture degree then onto architecture. We were great pals while we were studying, but didn’t get together till he tracked me down again and started spending more and more time together as friends…. Till there was a kiss and then a bit of impressive wooing…… Mark would turn up on my doorstep unannounced waiting for me to leave for work with coffee and brioches, to surprise me, with a bit of a fright and treats! That was that! 5 years ago, he’s still cute like that, I still find love notes written in my diary or under my pillow. I love him to bits, he is the best being in the world!

You wore the beautiful Bella dress,was this the style you had in mind?

I have always loved the 1960’s for the clothing and the design, I knew I wanted a dress that had a 1960’s feel about it and I really wanted it to be backless with sleeves, as I love that look. I bought a whole pile of vintage patterns from the 1960’s , thinking I would have something made for me based on those patterns but when I saw the Bella dress , it was everything and more, I could never have found such beautiful fabric, the lace was especially perfect, not shinny, and fluffy like some of the lace I came across. The Bella dress suited the style perfectly and was such a beautiful fit, everything about it was exactly what I had wanted.

How did you pick the wedding location?

It was really hard to find a venue that suited mark and I, we knew we were getting married in winter, which is not as easy as I  thought to find a cosy wintery venue! Most venues are beautiful but more for summer and being out doors, we couldn’t take the risk in terms of the weather especially in winter so we needed to have protection from the possible winter rain and cold. I am a florist and really wanted to have the wedding photos taken at the winter garden glass houses, I found out that we could also get married in the glasshouse after hours so that was decided, that was easy! It was so beautiful having our ceremony in there surrounded by flowers and so warm! Then we struggled to find a reception venue, that was hard until we found out that the Tasting shed do weddings, so we were lucky enough to have our reception there, the food, the wine, the cosy small, intimate space, with Jo’s rustic style of large wooden tables , concrete floors, brass cutlery was perfect we didn’t need to bring anything in. Other than all the flowers, Jo was so wonderful and let us hang the massive dried arrangement right in the middle of the venue and understood exactly what we were wanting aesthetically.


The theme of our wedding happened rather organically, we didn’t have a set theme in mind but both Mark and I have certain tastes and I think that’s what made the theme in the end. Doing so much of the wedding ourselves mean’t that the look naturally just happened! We did all of the flowers, which was a big job right before your own wedding, made all the Winter candles which filled the room with a rich scent of burnt fig and cassis with a hint of citrus. We wanted our guests to have a smaller candle too as a favour which would hopefully be nostalgic and remind them of the wedding. We wanted a cosy intimate feel and I think we achieved that with all of the intimate aspects that showed mark and my personal taste. The colour theme was rich and dark,

With a palate of burgundy, cream, gold and grey, using a lot of twine and natural linens, it was a moody choice of colours that really suited a winters day wedding.

Who was the photographer

We had the best photographer ever, Coralee Stone, she captured the best images we could ever had dreamed of, we were so happy and lucky to have her with us on the day. She is brilliant. And now a very special new friend!

About the bridesmaid dresses

On that 1960’s look again for our dresses, I had in mind cute low waisted dresses with peter pan collars, very 60’s, I found the right shade of burgundy fabric which was actually quite hard to match! My bridesmaid Carmel who just happens to be a very very talented clothing designer (designed for Lonely Hearts before she moved to Abu Dhabi) offered to make the dresses for her and my maid of honour Hannah, the dresses were so perfect, I loved them Carmel did such a beautiful job of them. I was so lucky to have her in my team of very talented creative friends.

Most memorable part of the day

That is so hard to choose, haha, so many memorable moments, but definitely the moment Mark and I shared together as the sun was setting, there were beautiful twinkling rain drops everywhere and the gardens were just for us, we were able to take in everything around us, as it all goes quite quickly! We were able to take a little break to just to be bride and groom and reflect on how much happiness we had to finally be getting married and to high five each other on all we had achieved to make the day actually happen! We could look back with fondness and look forward to the future together.

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    It was this very neighborhood which inspired Rue De Seine’s designer to create the label after living, working, and celebrating her own wedding on this beautiful Parisian street. The neighborhood is infamous for being the meeting place for artists and celebrities and is the inspiration to RUE DE SEINE’s bohemian style.

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