This smiling blonde bombshell is one gorgeous bride wearing our Eve dress.

We asked the lovely Ally to answer a few questions for us about her big day,

Im sure you will love the images as much as we do xx

How did you meet your fiancé?

I met Andy on the internet! He was my first date!!! We happen to be the couple of the year on the website too which is so well known here in the UK. This is it, if you scroll down a little on the homepage you will see the success story and a photo of us with the whole story! http://www.mysinglefriend.com

I was nearly going to turn around en route to the date as my contact lens fell out on the bridge I was crossing and thought that was a signal to not go ahead with the date! I was super nervous as I have never done anything like this before! But my best friend who I was on the phone with at the time of the lens scenario… pushed me to go through!!! I had fuzzy vision in one eye but BOY was I super happy to have gone on the date, even though I could only see him partially well!!! It was an amazing surprise when I met up with him again with SUPER VISION!

You wore Rue De Seine’s Eve dress with the cap sleeves for your wedding day, was that the style you had in mind before you started looking?

I knew I wanted something super original, not heavy, boho and romantic! I stumbled upon Rue De Seine on pinterest and totally fell in love with the whole collection! If only I could change dresses every couple of hours throughout the wedding to show of all the incredible designs! We had a summer wedding and fell in love with low cut back of the eve dress and having the option of capped sleeves totally finished the look I was dreaming of. It ticked all the boxes and knew I could float around, dance, jump and just be me without worrying about the weight and look of a big meringue dress. It was just the ONE!

You are a Rue De Seine international bride..how did you find the process of wearing a gown that you never had the chance to try on before the RDS box arrived in the post?

From the first Skype call to Rue De Seine, to the most incredible day of receiving the box (I hugged the delivery man!), the process was just 1st Class! The biggest thanks goes to Greer for her amazing advice, big care and friendliness over the past few months! I felt totally at ease with no worries at all  knowing that I was buying a dress that I have never tried on before for my big day! And when I tried it on…woooosh I was jumping and signing around my bedroom for a while!

How did you pick…

Your gorgeous wedding location?

We got married at Shilstone House in South Devon. A beautiful georgian house in the middle of the countryside! The most romantic venue! My partner & I are wedding photographers and Andy works at Shilstone too. It was the perfect venue! We got married in a barn and I arrived in a mini land rover driven by a 9 year old boy (the owners son) followed by a golf buggy and another land rover with my 7 beautiful bridesmaids and Dad.


Your theme?

Our main aim was to have a super relaxed, fun fun day for all! Everything part of the wedding had its own personal touch by myself and the bridesmaids. From the flowers, cake, barn decoration, table decoration, food and music, everything was handpicked, designed and thought up by us all. Traditionally a bride does not speak at the wedding but it was very important for me to speak up as people that know me well know that it is hard for me to sit and not speak up, especially at our wedding!! It was incredible! We didn’t practice anything, we just let the flow of the day take over and were left with the best memories to treasure forever and ever! We are still walking on air!

Who was your photographer?

Choosing a photographer was probably the only challenge throughout the planning! As Andy & I are wedding photographers, it was a a little tricky to find the perfect photographer that we now look up to as he is just incredibly talented and such a great guy! We found Rik Pennington http://www.rikpenningtonphotography.com

Rik is based in London and has a portfolio of wedding photography around the world! A real talent and the most resonating ones are how Rik captured the feel of the day and the personalities of the guests. A real accomplishment and so happy we found Rik!!

Looking back, what was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

The most memorable part of the day was hiding away from all the guests as they arrived on an open top vintage bus through Shilstone. A drone camera was following them up and down the hills, I could hear their laughs and screams as they entered Shilstone. Knowing that all these incredible people arrived to celebrate us was totally overwhelming. I spotted them arriving as I hid behind a bush with my Dad, I had goosebumps all over! The weather was just perfect! Clear skies, birds, sheep flocking and the smell of fresh flowers and cut grass! Arriving in the mini land rover down the hill waving to the guests who were waiting in the barn and a glimpse of my husband to be was a feeling that I can describe apart from feeling the most incredible love and happiness I have ever felt in my life so far! I am so so grateful for it all! I waited for this moment since I was a little girl, a total dream come true!

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